5 ways to travel sustainably... while actually enjoying yourself

International tourism accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions. That's pretty significant! Here are 5 things you can do to travel sustainably on your next trip, whether it's to the Bahamas, South Africa, or to visit your grandmother (you're overdue for a visit).

1)  The no-brainers: pack a reusable water bottle and take shorter showers.

2)  Pick hotels that use the most local resources (ecobnb.com and bookdifferent.com are good reference points).

3)  Because flights make up a large percentage of travel emissions, opt for other methods of transit like trains and buses. If you need to fly, pack a lighter bag (less weight = less fuel burned) and choose an airline that's pushing the needle on this stuff (I like United Airlines' carbon offset program and Alaska Airlines' recent initiative to phase out all plastic straws).

4)  Donate to local organizations at your destination. Pack for a Purpose outlines what items are needed in different parts of the world - just leave extra room for these items in your suitcase and make an impact as soon as you arrive.

5)  Check out Sustainability Defined Episode 33 on Sustainable Tourism for more tips and bad jokes. Daniella Foster, Senior Director of Global Corporate Responsibility at Hilton, joins us and provides some pretty amazing insights.

Happy travels!