Episode 22: Circular Economy with Jennifer Gerholdt (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation) and Angela Nahikian (Steelcase)


In this episode, we talk with two women shaping the future of the circular economy. What is the circular economy? Well, it's this little business opportunity that could generate $4.5 trillion (that's with a "t") of additional economic output by 2030. The circular economy is about designing out waste--using fewer inputs on the front end, extending lifecycles of products, and refurbishing products or re-using inputs at the end of a product's useful life. Misfit Juicery (episode #6) and The Renewal Workshop (episode #18) are great examples of companies in the circular economy since they are creating value out of resources that would otherwise go to the landfill. We hope you enjoy the examples and insights from our guests and the bad circle puns from us.