Interested in volunteering?

Here at Sustainability Defined, we take the term “sustainability” and define it one topic (and one bad joke) at a time. Our mission sounds pretty straightforward, but there’s actually a bunch of behind-the-scenes legwork that goes into each of our episodes. From researching interesting new topics and conducting engaging interviews to editing audio files and marketing our content, we’re operating at max capacity and could use more hands on deck. That’s where you come into play!

We’re excited to grow our team and offer you:

  • Access to our ever-growing network of sustainability celebs

  • A shout-out in our credits at the end of every episode

  • Social media mentions for your contributions

  • An opportunity to join a growing and acclaimed podcast

  • Great recommendations for future job opportunities

If you’re interested in joining our volunteer team, please send an email to with the following:

  • A quick blurb about yourself

  • Why you’re interested in joining our team

  • A writing, research, or audio sample

  • If you were at a party, what would be your go-to sustainability fact?

We’re excited to hear from you! Please reach out with any questions.