Sustainability is a frustratingly ambiguous term. 

Our podcast defines it.


We started the SustainabilityDefined podcast out of our shared passions for the environment, good conversation, and – of course – bad jokes. Since meeting at a DC happy hour in Spring 2016, the operation has grown from a spreadsheet of personal sustainability contacts to an acclaimed podcast that was listed as one of GreenBiz’s seven exceptional sustainability podcasts you should listen to. We hope you dig it!


Jay Siegel (the deeper voice that some confuse with Jim Rome's)

Jay is an urbanist, an environmentalist, and (occasionally) a humorist. Focusing his career on the intersection of nature and the built environment, Jay is driven by communicating the “big picture” of sustainability to spur action towards a more resilient future. He likes live music and the feeling of importance he gets when hearing his own voice through a podcast.

Jay received his B.A. from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and his Master's of Urban Planning from Cornell University.

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Scott Breen (the silkier voice that washes all your worries away)

Scott is often described as a "funny Spock" with his combination of logic and jokes.  He enjoys college hoops and bike riding everywhere. In fact, his favorite part of the day is when both he and the school crossing guard are dancing and saying good morning as he passes by on his ride to work.

Scott received his B.A. from Georgetown University and his J.D./M.P.A. from Indiana University.

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Danielle pic.png

Danielle Harrison (social media and marketing strategy)

Danielle basically wrote the textbook on marketing and social media strategy. She hones her skills to make the podcast look, feel, and sound like a million bucks. 

Danielle received her B.S. in Marketing from William Paterson University of New Jersey.

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Hannah Perry (the muscle behind our research and logistics)

Hannah describes herself as a defender of the little guy. Her talents include naming the species of every tree in the DMV area, listing fun facts about bees, wearing flannel in all weathers, and finding dogs to pet everywhere she goes. Rest assured, moms love Hannah, and not just because she eats so many veggies. One day, she looks forward to having a dog named Broccoli. 

Hannah will receive her B.A. from George Washington University in the Spring of 2017.

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Max Sall (failed joke writer / research and logistics)

Max is studying Environmental Studies and Chemistry. He hopes to one day go to medical school, or maybe become a climate scientist, or maybe even become an environmental lawyer. One thing is for certain though: Max will become an amateur beekeeper. You can spot Max by the Wilco patch on his backpack, the Wilco sticker on his laptop, or maybe the Wilco sticker on his reusable water bottle. Max loves podcasts, especially WTF with Marc Maron and SustainabilityDefined.

Max will receive his B.A. from George Washington University in the Spring of 2019.

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