Who ever said "Planet" and "Profit" had to be mutually exclusive? Not I, said the podcast host.

Episode 12: Corporate Social Responsibility with Andrew Winston (Winston EcoStrategies)

We know what you're thinking - "A socially responsible corporation? Surely you can't be serious." Well, we ARE serious, and stop calling us Shirley. Sustainability celeb Andrew Winston joins us to talk sustainability goal setting - what CSR is, why it matters, and how the world's biggest companies are incorporating it into their business models on a daily basis.

Episode 14: Supply Chain Risk with Emilie Mazzacurati (427 Climate Solutions)

If the term "supply chain" doesn't grab your attention, maybe this will: the world may run out of COFFEE and CHOCOLATE by 2050! How is that possible, you ask? Well, fortunately we have Emilie Mazzacurati of 427 Climate Solutions to break it down. She helps us understand why supply chains are so critical to delivering the goods we love and how understanding the effects of climate change could help us avert a world without coffee and chocolate.

Episode 16: Sustainable Beer with Katie Wallace (New Belgium Brewing Company)

Is there a combination out there more heavenly than sustainability and beer? We certainly don't think so, and Katie Wallace of New Belgium Brewing Company agrees. She joins us on the first episode of our Net Impact National Conference series to explain how New Belgium makes such sustainable (and tasty) beer. Cheers!

Episode 18: Sustainable Apparel with Jeff Denby (The Renewal Workshop)

You probably have some awesome retro clothes in your closet because you want to get as much use out of your clothes as you can. We're with you, but unfortunately, in the USA, 80 pounds of apparel per American per year ends up in the landfill. Luckily, there is a superhero to the rescue. Our guest this episode, Jeff Denby, is the co-founder of a business called The Renewal Workshop that is going to take this linear model and make it circular. It partners with apparel brands to take returned and damaged clothing, clean it and repair it at a factory in Oregon, and then resell it. No matter the state the clothes are in, when they are sent to The Renewal Workshop, there is a no landfill guarantee. After this episode, we guarantee that you'll never look at clothes the same way again.

Episode 19: Sustainability in the C-Suite with Colin Dyer (JLL)

Who knew a Fortune-500 CEO could be so friendly and approachable? We lucked out with the opportunity to interview Colin Dyer, the former CEO and current board member of JLL. JLL is the global real estate services company where Jay actually works! Colin joined us to talk Sustainability in the C-Suite, highlighting the lessons he's learned as CEO in turning big companies into sustainable corporate citizens. Fortunately, none of Jay's jokes were bad enough to cost him his job. BONUS: Colin's charming British accent. 

Episode 22: Circular Economy with Jennifer Gerholdt (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation) and Angela Nahikian (Steelcase)

In this episode, we talk with two women shaping the future of the circular economy. What is the circular economy? Well, it's this little business opportunity that could generate $4.5 trillion (that's with a "t") of additional economic output by 2030. The circular economy is about designing out waste--using fewer inputs on the front end, extending lifecycles of products, and refurbishing products or re-using inputs at the end of a product's useful life. Misfit Juicery (episode #6) and The Renewal Workshop (episode #18) are great examples of companies in the circular economy since they are creating value out of resources that would otherwise go to the landfill. We hope you enjoy the examples and insights from our guests and the bad circle puns from us.

Episode 26: Big Data & Sustainability with Kate Brandt (Google)