Cities are the hub of all human activity. Currently experiencing a millennial renaissance, they provide a tangible representation of what sustainability means.

Episode 10: Sustainable Building Design with Divya Natrajan (Paladino & Co)

From the layout of your office to the materials used to make your favorite bench, sustainable building design covers just about everything. Divya Natarajan, Senior Project Manager at Paladino and Company, joins us to discuss why sustainable building design is so important for our built environment. We're still hoping she'll offer to design our studio too.

Episode 21: Water Infrastructure with Will Sarni (Water Foundry, LLC)

Water infrastructure refers to the immense underground highway of pipes that brings us our life-sustaining resource (and takes it away after we do our business). It also was a source of many bad jokes flowing out of our pipes during the recording. Today's guest is Will Sarni, an expert in water technology and corporate water strategies, who recently wrote a report for Deloitte on the state of U.S. water infrastructure. Spoiler alert: it's in bad shape. It's a trillion dollar problem that will only get worse if we kick the can down the road. Will tells us how bad the problem is and how technology, public and private spending, and citizen engagement can help solve it.