Where sustainability meets our lovingly dysfunctional congressional system.

Episode 8: Public Land Use with Matt Lee-Ashley (Center for American Progress)

Matt Lee-Ashley, Director of Public Lands at the Center for American Progress, talks to us about public land use and a recent report called The Disappearing West. This report found every 2.5 minutes, the American West loses a football field worth of natural area to human development. Whoa! Check out the interactive website www.disappearingwest.org for more cool facts from the report.

Episode 13: Sustainability Disclosure with Roger Martella (Sidley Austin)

Today's episode relates to that old adage "secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone." Some sustainability information companies choose to keep secret but other information, by law, they are required to disclose. We'll explain. We're also starting to see lawsuits for information previously not disclosed. Our latest sustainability celebrity, Roger Martella, former top lawyer at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will help us delve into the wide world of sustainability disclosure.

Episode 20: Conservatism and Climate Change with Bob Inglis (Republic(E)n)

Skeptical about an episode on Conservatives and Climate Change from two left-leaning (and dashingly handsome) hosts? Well, there are conservatives out there that want to address climate change, and our guest, Bob Inglis (also dashingly handsome), is one of them. Bob is a former Republican congressman and as the Executive Director of Republic(En), works to educate conservatives on climate change solutions that they can feel comfortable with and should support. Admittedly, we're not experts on conservative thought, but we do our darndest to give a fair portrait of conservatism and explain why many of today's conservatives don't seem willing to take action on climate change. After this episode, we guarantee you'll better understand conservatism and what climate change solutions align with conservative principles. Enjoy!