People are the heart of the sustainability problem and solution.


Episode 4: Nature Deficit Disorder with Jackie Ostfeld (Sierra Club)

Is Nature Deficit Disorder really a thing? Jackie Ostfeld believes so, and talks with us about why green spaces are so important for our cities and our own health.

Episode 5: Green Schools with Josh Lasky (US Green Building Council)

Josh Lasky, Washington DC's environmental renaissance man, sits down with us to explain what it means to be a green school and why it's important to groom the next generation of sustainability leaders.

Episode 11: Climate Change Communication with Ed Maibach (Center for Climate Change Communication)

You, dear listener, may be one of the few Americans who knows that 97% of climate scientists believe climate change is human-caused but how do you approach a conversation about climate change with those who do not believe it is happening? And how many climate change skeptics are out there? We talk in this episode with the man who has the answers to these questions and more. Ed Maibach, Director of George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication, has been researching for the past several years the various ways Americans think about climate change and how to motivate people to act on this issue. He's even developed his own way to categorize the different ways Americans think about climate change including our personal favorites, "Dismissive Dan" and "Alarmed Alice."

Episode 15: Net Impact National Conference with Kathara Green and Brittany Lehnhart (Net Impact)

The Jay and Scott origin story, as detailed in this episode and as presumably will be depicted in an upcoming motion picture starring Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling, started at a Net Impact networking event. Net Impact is an organization focused on helping students and professionals use their skills for social and environmental impact. Most all sustainability professionals know and respect this organization, and this episode will tell you all that you need to know about Net Impact and its upcoming annual conference in Philadelphia November 3-5. We'll also talk about what's hot in the sustainability field and where it is going in the future. Check out for more information on the organization and the conference. We hope to see ya there!

Episode 17: Environmental Journalism with Nick Aster (TriplePundit)

Environmental journalism is about way more than drawing ornate landscapes in your diary (although we're sure they're beautiful!). The field covers everything from John Muir's prolific writing of the American West to the stories we hear about climate change on the news. Nick Aster of TriplePundit joins us on the second episode of our Net Impact National Conference series to explain trends in environmental journalism and how he got his start with his renowned blog.