Sustainability is too ambiguous. Our podcast fixes that.

Each episode of our podcast focuses on a single topic that pushes sustainability forward. We explain each topic with the help of an experienced pro, place it within our organizational tree, and help our listeners define what exactly sustainability is,       episode by episode.


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Our Sectors

After many happy hours and consultations with friends (that are much smarter than ourselves), we have chosen to define sustainability across the following sectors. Click below to see all the episodes in each one.


What our listeners are saying:

As a college professor, it can be a challenge to engage students with meaningful content in an age of over-information. Sustainability Defined is a consistent favorite of students in our Sustainability 200 class. Students love Jay and Scott’s witty banter and humor. Most importantly, the podcasts provide excellent content, expert perspectives, and keep students actively listening! Thank you for giving us such a great resource!
— Zach Miller, Professor at Penn State University
Jay and Scott don’t go for micro ‘let’s bring a straw to lunch’ type stuff. They tackle the issues at the heart - in business, the economy, corporate brands and society. This is why it’s so influential. They are so damn smart and it’s great!
— Mia Bowyer, Plastics for Change
As someone unfamiliar with new efforts in sustainability, I found this podcast accessible, informative, and fun. The hosts strike the perfect balance between addressing topical issues and interspersing their personalities. A fantastic listen!!
— SweetHat, iTunes Subscriber

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