Dylan Lewis

Co-Founder/CTO, Conserve with Us

Creating a more sustainable world can feel overwhelming but Sustainability Defined breaks down even the most complex challenges facing society. Scott and Jay also feature fantastic interviews with experts in the field. It's a great podcast for both people new to sustainability and those already working in the industry. And, as advertised, there are also plenty of bad jokes!


Mia Bowyer

Marketing, Plastics for Change

This podcast quite literally changed my life. I began listening to Scott and Jay’s regular episodes while traveling in highly polluted regions of Asia. They were the first ‘cool’ sustainability podcasters I found. They don’t do doom and gloom. The podcast is a mix of their insane intelligence, hilarious banter, well thought-out information and on-point topics. I was so blown away by how much I was learning and how inspired I became. 

Scott and Jay don’t go for micro ‘let’s bring a straw to lunch’ type stuff. They tackle the issues at the heart, in business, the economy, corporate brands and society. This is why it’s so influential. They are so dam smart and it’s great! 

After listening to their interview with Andrew Almack about plastic pollution. I moved to India from Australia. I am now working in marketing for Almack at Plastics For Change. 

So thanks Jay and Scott, your podcast is already killing it and it’s only getting better. 


Zach Miller

Professor, Penn State University

As a college professor, it can be a challenge to engage students with meaningful content in an age of over-information. Sustainability Defined is a consistent favorite of students in our Sustainability 200 class. Students love Jay and Scott’s witty banter and humor. Most importantly, the podcasts provide excellent content, expert perspectives, and keep students actively listening! Thank you for giving us such a great resource!



Creator, Sustainable Mongol Podcast

Sustainability Defined has been the inspiration to create and continue producing our show, Sustainable Mongol. Refreshingly different from environmental podcasts by think tanks and other organizations that are mostly audio recordings of talks and lectures, this one defines sustainability one concept at a time in fun, engaging ways and features experts in the field. Thanks to a zealous team of hosts that are themselves seasoned environmental professionals and support volunteers who tackle research and marketing, Sustainability Defined is a rare gem in environmental communications.


Bruce Howard

Owner - Long Island Solar Sales

What I like about your podcast, Sustainability Defined is that it brings me useful information and interviews as well as being entertaining. Often you speak about subjects that I have great interest in and simply do not have time to research on my own - Kudos for the Misfit Foods updated interview! 

As a Solar Sales rep I am on the road often and I enjoy hearing from and about other people who are working to restore the functionality of our beautiful planet.  Keep up the great work!