Mia Bowyer

Marketing, Plastics for Change

This podcast quite literally changed my life. I began listening to Scott and Jay’s regular episodes while traveling in highly polluted regions of Asia. They were the first ‘cool’ sustainability podcasters I found. They don’t do doom and gloom. The podcast is a mix of their insane intelligence, hilarious banter, well thought-out information and on-point topics. I was so blown away by how much I was learning and how inspired I became. 

Scott and Jay don’t go for micro ‘let’s bring a straw to lunch’ type stuff. They tackle the issues at the heart, in business, the economy, corporate brands and society. This is why it’s so influential. They are so dam smart and it’s great! 

After listening to their interview with Andrew Almack about plastic pollution. I moved to India from Australia. I am now working in marketing for Almack at Plastics For Change. 

So thanks Jay and Scott, your podcast is already killing it and it’s only getting better.