Episode 25: Supply Chain Emissions & Walmart's Project Gigaton with Zach Freeze


Ughhh! Just when you think your company's greenhouse gas emissions are under control, you remember those pesky little things called Scope 3 Emissions – all the *indirect* emissions that don't even come from the energy you use. Turns out, your supply chain carries massive amounts of emissions that are basically embedded in your product! How do you tackle this, you ask? You engage all of your suppliers and motivate them to cut back their emissions, which is exactly what Walmart's Project Gigaton aims to do. In spearheading this pioneering project, Walmart is asking its suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one gigaton – the equivalent to taking more than 211 million passenger vehicles off of U.S. roads for an entire year. Zach Freeze, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Walmart, joins us to explain how they plan to do it. This episode is sponsored by Walmart.